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Montclair, NJ (June 27, 2013) -- Ever since the mid-1950s, Rickenbacker basses have been establishing the musical bottom for rock, jazz, and funk. Rickenbacker’s iconic 4001 bass is just one of nearly 40 distinct models produced in the last six decades. Players and collectors have longed for a reference for the different models, features, finishes, and details. The Rickenbacker Electric Bass – 50 Years As Rock’s Bottom provides hundreds of color photos and descriptions, along with the history to sort out the legend from the lore.

“I took a ‘field guide’ approach to the content, not just providing the history and photos. Each model is illustrated with an ‘identifying features’ page that uses close-up photos and callouts to point out ‘field marks’ of that particular Rickenbacker bass model,” says author and Rickenbacker aficionado Paul Boyer.

Un retour sur toutes les basses Rickenbacker depuis 50 ans. Le livre est disponible sur amazon en commande.
Avis à tous les bassistes et fans de cette marque mythique !