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  • Date événement : 12/07/2013
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Seymour Duncan have offered Custom Shop pickups for a long time but they have just launched an online store to make this process even easier. You can choose from the various options including Artist Signature Pickups, Humbucker, P90 etc. and within each section you have a number of pickups that you can then customise. For instance in Humbuckers you may be interested in a Wide Range Humbucker, once selected you can then choose from a number of options such as the kind of Hookup cable and position. Or maybe you are after a noiseless single coil pickup for your Tele, the 5-2 Stack Tele lets you choose from either an Alnico II or Alnico V magnet. Humbuckers such as the ’78 Model have lots of options from string spacing to mounting legs and colour. So if you are looking for something a little different to the stock Seymour Duncan choices available, head over to the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop.